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Technical Issues

Are there any minimum browser requirements for this site?

It is recommended that Internet Explorer 5 and above, or Netscape 4.75 and above, should be used for the optimum browsing experience. Newer browsers are also preferred because they offer enhanced security features.

I am not able to view images on the site. Why?

You may have images turned off in your browser, or more likely, you could be running a personal or network firewall that blocks images. Please check the settings on your firewall or consult your network administrator.

I am not able to login or add gifts to my shopping basket. Why?

These actions require your browser to set and maintain a session for your visit. You might be accessing the website through a local firewall that is imposing this restriction. It is possible to configure the web browsing privacy such that browser sessions will be maintained. Please consult your network administrator on this.

How do I report technical problems?

Please send email to [email protected], stating the URL, date & time, and any error message seen.