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Christmas Trees

There is just something about the scent of fresh pine from fresh Christmas Trees that warms the soul and makes everything magical. As with our annual tradition, brings you the freshest Noble Fir Xmas Trees import from Europe to celebrate the merry season. Beloved for its sturdy branches which can hold heavier ornaments, and beautiful deep bluish-green needles, Noble Firs are a popular variety of Christmas trees that can survive in Malaysia’s hot and humid climate.

Decorate the Xmas Tree with your favorite festive ornaments and sparkling LED lights, and you’d have yourself a welcoming centerpiece that would delight all senses and be a focal point of conversations during gatherings.

Order your Christmas Tree today with our hassle-free delivery.

Enjoy Early Bird offer from up to 28% off while stock lasts.

5 product(s)

5 product(s)