The Ultimate Rose Bouquet Gift Guide

Delicate, luscious and beautiful are just some of the words that can perhaps come close to describing the humble Rose. In the love language of flowers, the meaning they carry go beyond just their type or the number gifted, their color also represents a specific meaning. So if you are wondering about which rose bouquet to deliver to your sweetheart on your next romantic occasion, here’s the ultimate guide to make sure you pick the right one! 


First Step

Pick the color that best suits your relationship and how you feel towards your loved one. 


Romantic love, passion


Gratitude, grace, admiration and joy


Enchantment and love at first sight


Appreciation, getting together and sincerity


Friendship, joy and new beginnings


Enthusiasm, fascination and passion


Innocence, purity and youthfulness


Effervescence, vitality and devotion


Mysterious and extraordinary




Second Step

Pick a floral arrangement based on the color of rose you have picked in the first step. When it comes to finding a  rose bouquet delivery in Malaysia, we have a selection of rose-worthy gift ideas (that we are absolutely in love with).

Red Rose Bouquet

Crimson Allure (MYPA14), RM 199.90 (RM211.89 Including Tax)

A classic like this red rose bouquet will never fail to express your sincere emotions and create new fond memories.


Mixed Rose Bouquet

Cotton Candy, MYPA02 RM129.90 (RM 137.69 Including Tax) 

And for the playful lover, this colorful and radiant rose bouquet will certainly do the trick to bring joy into their day!


Champagne Rose Table Arrangement

Champagne Grace, MYPY67 RM 159.90 (RM 169.49 Including Tax)

However, if hand bouquets are not your ideal rose arrangement, here’s an elegant champagne rose table arrangement to bring some color into the home or office.


Flower Memo Rose Bouquet

Royal Soulmate, MYFY04 RM209.90 (RM 222.49 Including Tax)

Saving the most special one for last, this rose bouquet’s all about personalizing your floral bouquet and letting our flowers convey your most sincere messages. Using our very own patent-pending innovation Flower Memo, this showstopping 20-stalk rose bouquet has the message “You’re My Princess”, embellished on roses. This Flower Memo bouquet also comes in a variety of different colors and messages, head over here to view more. 


Third Step

Head on over here to place an order for your surprise rose bouquet delivery in just a few steps! And regardless if your floral delivery is to Klang Valley, Shah Alam or Petaling Jaya, our reliable delivery service will ensure that your rose bouquet is delivered to your loved one on time.

However, if you don’t see a rose bouquet to your liking, head on over here to browse our entire range of beautiful rose bouquets available for delivery now!