Wedding Hand Bouquet 101

Weddings are a special moment in one’s life that celebrates the union of two souls, a celebration that should be perfect; right down to the smallest of details. Apart from the beautiful gown and tantalizing food menu, the other important item of any wedding has to be the  wedding hand bouquet. A floral fashion statement of sorts that will live on in pictures and will accompany the bride throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, it is a sometimes overlooked part of the wedding. 

So if you are wondering, how big should my wedding hand bouquet be? Which flowers should I pick? Will the flowers last an entire day? Here’s a list of consideration and question to ask yourself and your loved one, which will help guide you into deciding your wedding hand bouquet for your special day.

Wedding Hand Bouquet

1. Wedding Theme

“What is the theme of your wedding?” Depending on the theme of your wedding you can then narrow down the size and the types of flowers for your wedding hand bouquet to match the overarching theme. For an example, a larger wedding hand bouquet with all the frills, consisting of champagne roses or white lilies will add to the a touch of grandeur and finesse to a formal black tie wedding.


2. Location, Location, Location

”Are you looking for a customized wedding hand bouquet in Malaysia?” If you are, then you would need to factor in flower seasons and if certain seasonal blooms are available in Malaysia for your wedding. For an example, if you have picked peonies as your go-to flower, you would need to take note that they are usually only in season from April to June, and would be difficult to source for thereafter. So if your wedding is in November, you might need to be mentally ready for alternate flowers like ranunculus or David Austin roses to be used instead. 


3. Budget

A lesser talked about consideration, but one that is perhaps the most important. “How much are you willing to spend on a wedding hand bouquet?” While the wedding hand bouquet is a pivotal component of a wedding, complements the wedding gown, and goes to live on in pictures, bursting the budget is unwise.

After deciding on your wedding theme and narrowing down your choice of flowers (point 1 and 2), it would be best to speak to a respected florist for a rough quotation and their opinion on your selected choice. With this information on hand, you and your loved one would be able decide on a comfortable and well-informed budget for your dream wedding hand bouquet in Malaysia.  


With these three considerations completed, it should lead you to picking out a beautiful and perhaps even customized wedding hand bouquet for that one very special day. And if you still can’t find a wedding hand bouquet in Malaysia or decide on one that fits your dream wedding, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03 2281 1669 or drop us an email at [email protected] for more information on our wedding services.